Top 10 of the best mangas hentais (mid-May 2012)

Our traditional top ranking of the best hentais mangas available on DMH: our most popular doujins according to our dear readers. If you missed these doujins hentais, you should enjoy this ranking to know our most popular hentais.

So, here’s the top 10 of our doujins hentais and mangas hentais during the two first weeks of May 2012. This ranking starts from the 10th most popular :

10. Zanteiou (Ouran High School Host Club)

9. Tsurikichi (Fairy Tail)

8. Tsunade’s Lewd Reception-Party (Naruto)

7. Nami And Hancock (One Piece)

6. Instinct World (One Piece)

5. DOA Harem 2 (Dead Or Alive 2)

4. 03030 (Bleach)

And here’s the Top 3, the best of the best doujins hentais, those you must absolutely read ^^ :

3. Erotic World (One Piece)

2. Derenuki (Ghost In The Shell)

1. Kamehasutra (Dragon Ball Z)

Kamehasutra and Erotic World still stay in the Top 3 of the most often red doujins hentais. Derenuki doujin hentai just entered our top 10 to reach the second place. This Ghost In The Shell doujin is really worth reading it.

  • Pepephilippe

    so cute kamehasutra

    • DMH

      Glad you like friend :) it’s indeed very popular. Since our first rankings, Kamehasutra always’s been in the top 10.